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To start your journey to automatic enrolment compliance, choose one of the following options that fits your business type:

AutoEnroll.Me  The Issue
UK law for workplace pensions has changed to encourage employees to save for their retirement. In the near future, all employers will be required to provide workplace pensions for eligible employees and contribute to a pension scheme that meets qualifying autoenrolment standards.
AutoEnroll.Me  The Solution
We have brought together the best financial and technical minds to demystify the autoenrolment process and have developed robust, cost-effective and compliant pension solutions, designed to make life easier for you and your employees, clients or members.
AutoEnroll.Me  The Elements
Working with partners, we have combined the very best of breed solutions provided by leading technology, pension and investment organisations to ensure that meeting automatic enrolment pension obligations is a painless experience.
Latest News & Blog Posts
Date6th October, 2014
Automatic enrolmentAutomatic enrolment small businesses confront the 'pensions paradox'
New findings released on Monday 29th September by NEST suggest a potential Pension Paradox at play among small and micro business in the UK. Small and micro employers have the lowest pension provision, with 74 per cent failing to offer a workplace pension...
Date1 August, 2014
The Pensions RegulatorAutomatic enrolment: First quarterly compliance and enforcement bulletin
The Pensions Regulator has published compliance and enforcement details showing use of its formal powers to ensure employers comply with their automatic enrolment duties...
Date10th June, 2014
Assessment ReportAssessment Reports. Why do I need one?
The employer assessment report enables you to better understand exactly what you will need to do to meet the compliance regulations for auto enrolment. The report guides you through the requirements of auto enrolment; what to do, when to do it, who has to be enrolled and where to start...

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