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Welcome to AutoEnrollMe

Pensions can be complicated enough!

AutoEnrollMe specialises in providing complete, automatic enrolment support for advisers, accountants and employers. However, we like to do things differently – we believe in the personal touch.

Compliance and Record Keeping

Whether you are enrolling workers for the first time, grappling with the maze of regulatory compliance or battling the complexities of your tri-annual re-enrolment – our team can support you at every step along the way. With AutoEnrollMe, you can rest assured that your record keeping meets regulatory compliance in our cloud-based portals. So, you need not fear any visits from the Pensions Regulator either!

Are you disappointed with your original pension provider?

Based on our experience, we can guide you in selecting, and switching to, a new provider who can better suit your requirements.

Don’t get bogged down by pensions, let the experts take away the stress and leave you to get on with running your business.