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Auto-Enrolment Services for Employers - AutoEnroll.Me

Auto-Enrolment Services for Employers


A painless approach to pension compliance

Implementing auto enrolment for qualifying employees does not have to cause a headache. By combining the very best technology, pensions, and investment solutions we can ensure that meeting your employer auto enrolment pension obligations is a painless experience.

Worried about your cyclic tri-annual re-enrolment or thinking of changing your pension provider? Our highly experienced support can truly make this a painless experience for you and your payroll agent.

The AutoEnrollMe portals provide the solutions. We help you to select the right pension provider for you based on cost, functionality, and service. We understand every employer has different needs and through our experience, we have learned what works and what doesn’t. Our system supports all major Pension Providers active in the automatic enrolment market:

  • Intelligent Money
  • Peoples Pension
  • Legal & General
  • NEST
  • Other? – speak to us we are happy to help

All this is led by our very experienced and friendly on-boarding and processing team. We believe people need to speak to people which is why existing clients speak so highly of our support team and service.

The AutoEnrollMe Portals include all the elements you need to provide a smooth-running, compliant auto enrolment solution to your organisation; delivering a good pension outcome for employees from leading pension providers.

However, AutoEnrollMe is not just a processing system we also store your compliance records and statutory documents by pay period. With The Pension Regulator now making compliance enforcement visits to employers locally – compliant record keeping means you can rest easy knowing you have support when you need it.

What is included?

 Pre Onboarding Guidance
Employer Portal sign up
Pension settings
Payroll configuration support
Pension creation
Payroll Agent guidance & support
Adviser guidance & support
Test file handling
Data cleansing
 Ongoing Support Services
Automatic or Manual payroll import
Statutory Employee letters
Postponement & deferment
Automatic Enrolment
Opt-out and Opt-in guidance & support
Contribution validation & error correction
TPR guidance & record keeping
On-going support & three year re-enrolment

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