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e-Payslip Portal Account Creation - AutoEnroll.Me

e-Payslip Portal Account Creation

To create a new account, please complete the form below.
Once we have received this completed form, the turnaround time on Account creations is 5 working days. Once the account has been created, you will be provided with the relevant information to go live.

Your Client Details:

If you also provide supplementary payslips to your employees in the same tax period, we would also need to be provided with an example of these, as we would have to account for these on upload. Otherwise, the system would overwrite the existing payslip uploaded in that same tax period.
Selected Value: 1

e-Payslip Document Delivery Method:

Your Document Delivery Method is the way in which employees will be able to view their ePayslips within their SSLPost ESS Portal. Ordinarily, you would have a PDF of the payslip that can be downloaded and then saved, but if it is preferred by the customer that their employees should not be able to download and save local copies of the PDF, then they can specify the URL Viewer option.

Payroll Document Types Required:

Payroll Software Used:

Additional Services:

Pension provider login page URL

Activation Date:

The Start Date as specified by the customer should be the date of the first Payroll run date that they wish to utilise the SSLPost ESS Portal. Once a Purchase Order is raised against the order we will be able to contact the Employer to give them an installation date.

Customer Checklist:

The Scan of the payslip documentation is simply the printed payslip and P60 that you currently use. This will sit in the background when payslips are generated in your SSLPost ESS Portal, so they will look identical to the payslips you currently produce, and the formatted data being generated from your payroll software will fit them perfectly. The scan should therefore contain no data, just the “paper” background. The “Payroll Output Test Data” should be the way you output from your payroll system. For example, in PASS Finance, you’d select your Payroll run dates, and then use the Spooler to export to a file (in this case saved as a PDF). This is the output file we would need. For your confidentiality, these test files will not be viewed by the implementation team and deleted once the initial test run has been completed.