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The Full Auto Enrolment Solution - AutoEnroll.Me

The Full Auto Enrolment Solution

The AutoEnrollMe Solution

Pension and compliance without the headache

It does not matter if you have missed your staging deadline, are preparing for your staging date, dealing with your cyclic re-enrolment, or wishing to switch pension provider you will find the AutoEnrollMe support team proactive in implementing a solution that meets all your needs.

We are a high-tech solution with a human face, we understand that people talk a lot easier to people than they do to computers. Out support team will take the initiative in organising a good pension outcome for your employees, while ensuring that you do not have to worry unduly. The AutoEnrollMe solution transmits our service via dedicated secure cloud-based portals providing real-time feedback to Employers, Adviser/Payroll Agents, and your connected Employees. By combining the very best of payroll to pension technology we manage and check every aspect of the process.

We understand corporate pensions and payroll and no matter what your pay period (weekly, fortnightly, monthly or a combination) we proactively work with your payroll agent to deliver your pension solutionseamlessly ensuring a very light touch for employers in meeting their statutory obligations.

Our portal-based automatic enrolment solution integrates into your existing payroll or HR system to lead your auto enrolment processes, we reconcile your contributions, maintain your all-important compliance records and gives peace of mind should your firm be selected for a Pensions Regulator compliance visit

  • Help with Pension selection and creation – we know what works and what doesn’t
  • Dedicated support to you and your payroll agent/adviser via our onboarding hand holding service
  • Data Intergration– through processing from payroll to pension provider
  • Compliance – record keeping and statutory employee communication and support through a TPR site visit
  • Data cleansing and error correction – our proactive support ensures you do not pay more in the form of contributions than you need
  • Support for Opt-outs and Opt-ins – when you are unsure – just ask!
  • Higher Contributions or AVCs – fully supported
  • Salary Exchange – fully supported
  • Cyclic or three-year re-enrolment fully supported
  • Multiple Pay Periods – fully supported
  • Automatic enrolments created direct on the pension providers back office via our state of the art software
  • Own Branding on Portals
  • Simple and effective controls for all aspects of auto enrolment obligations.
  • Automatic checking of eligibility assessment, and contribution calculation including contribution reconciliation
  • Employee portal access providing detailed records of employee and employer contributions by pay period and year to date
  • Option to upgrade to our eDocument delivery portals to economically and securely deliver payslips, P60, P11D), digitally.
Questions about Auto Enrolment
Who is affected by auto enrolment?

Every employer in the UK is affected by the Pensions Act and the requirement to provide a qualifying pension to employees. Click here for more information about how it may affect your organisation.

When will this become a requirement for my organisation?

We have provided a full list of staging dates here. You can also visit the Pensions Regulator website to find out more.

Can we delay this?

Yes, you can postpone your staging date for 3 months. Click here for more information.

My headcount is always changing. How do I know when this will start?

The Pensions Regulator have already decided when your staging date is. For more information click here.

Does automatic enrolment apply to all employees?

No. Click here for information about eligible employees.

Can I Auto Enroll before my Staging Date?

Yes. By implementing auto enrolment before your staging date, you can relieve the pressure of a forthcoming deadline by preparing in advance for the changes.

What do I need to implement auto enrolment?

You need a qualifying pension scheme and you will need to find a way to manage the contributions, reconciliation, eligibility and communications. If you already have a qualifying legacy or NEST pension in place and only require the software with which to manage the process, the pension compliance solution on this page is ideal.

Do I have to pick a Pension provider before my staging date?

You need to choose a pension provider before your staging date unless you choose to postpone for three months.

Do all employees have to have the same pension Provider?

No. You can choose from government sponsored NEST Pensions or a legacy pension provider. However, any GSIPP must be suitable. You can discover more about qualifying pension schemes here.

Can an employee opt out?

Yes. There are various letters that you send to your employees during the process of implementing auto enrolment. They explain what the employee choices are and any actions that are required by the employee. It is during this process that an employee can opt out. You can find some really useful information about employee communications and opt outs here.

What are the costs?

If you only require the IG Pension Compliance Software, there is just one cost involved; the annual licence fee. Contact us to learn more.

Who pays these costs?

It is the employers responsibility to cover the costs of implementing auto enrolment.

How do I know what I need?

We are here to help. If you are not sure what you need, contact us today to discuss your business requirements.

Questions about the IG Solution
Is there a minimum period I need to sign up for?

Yes, our minimum contract period is 12 months.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of employees?

The solution has been designed specifically for small and medium sized companies.

Questions about the software
Will this replace the payroll software I already have?

No. The IG solution is designed to work with your current payroll software to manage the pension compliance aspect of the payroll system.

Will this interfere with the payroll software I already have?

No. The solution has been designed to work with the payroll software you already have. When you run the payroll, information is downloaded to the auto enrolment software that manages the auto enrolment process, ensuring compliance with the Pensions Act.

It also calculates eligibility for individual employees, calculates employee eligibility within each pay period, enables contribution information to be communicated to the pension provider and provides visibility of the information to the employer, employee and adviser through a secure online portal.

Is it compatible with all payroll software?

For integration details, please click the integration tab above. However, the software has been designed to work with most freely available software products.

Will software handle contributions into more than one Pension scheme?

Yes. The solution has been designed to handle both GSIPP and NEST pension schemes.

Can I use software if the company has a different Pension Provider?

Yes. Providing the pension is a qualifying legacy or NEST pension, the software can be used.

Is there an installation cost for the software?

No. You can install the software yourself. The process is very straightforward.

Can the IG pension Portal be extended to provide additional information and services to the company?

Yes. Once the standard pension portal is implemented and the employees are happy and comfortable using it, we can upgrade the portal to include full PAYE documentation (payslips/P11D/P60) via the IG Portal Plus solution.

What about those that share computers?

Access to the IG Portal is based around security criteria that is specified by the client. Most popular is the use of a secure password that the employee sets themselves. Access is then just a matter of using an internet connected device to gain entry to the portal.

Quick questions by business type
I run payroll on behalf of my clients.

Can we provide a GSIPP solution to our payroll clients?   Yes.

Can the solution be “white labelled”?   Yes.

Is GSIPP a regulated product?   Yes.

Do I need to be a pension expert?   No. The team is here to support you before, during and after implementation.

Do I need to be regulated?   No. You are not offering pensions advice, just a solution.

Do we continue to bill all our clients?   If providing a bureau service, Yes.

Are the amounts charged fixed?   Yes.

Can Employers agree to pay costs of setting up and administering scheme?   Yes.

Can I provide GSIPP solution for some but not all my clients?   Yes.

How can we earn revenue from this service?   By providing a white labelled service provision to your clients as an extension of your portfolio.

What do I do next?   Contact us to discuss your requirements further.

I am a financial adviser.

Can I charge fees separately to my client?   Yes. You can charge consultancy charges to employers for the implementation and ongoing costs associated with managing the scheme.

Will I earn from ongoing Annual Management Charges?   Adviser Charging on AE contributions is not allowed.

Is the offering regulated?   Software is not regulated.

Will I retain client relationship?   Yes.

I am an employer.

Can we bring forward our staging date?   Your Staging Date is fixed. However, you can apply to the Pensions Regulator to auto enrol early.

How often is eligibility of new employees validated?   Per pay Period.

How is information extracted from payroll software?   Uploaded by data file.

Can software cope with both weekly and monthly payroll?   Yes.

Can other pension pots be transferred into the I-GSIPP?   Yes.

Can employees make different levels of contributions?   Yes.

Can employees increase or decrease contribution levels?   Yes – within statutory minimum’s.

Can individuals receive individual advice on pension funds?   Yes.

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